Hamtaro is a small, orange and white hamster and the main character of the Hamtaro anime and manga series.

Hamtaro is known for his curious nature and loves to go inspect anything of which he has never seen before, or has an interest in, although, this generally has disastrous consequences, including the tearing of his owner's bedroom curtains due to him mistaking them for food. When his owner (Laura Haruna) leaves for school, Hamtaro will go on adventures with his fellow clan of Hamsters known as the Ham-Hams.

Hamtaro has been made three times for M.U.G.E.N, one version was created by Melchior M. Philips (which has in turn been edited by MisdreavusLord159), another one was created by a YouTuber called roaringfiregaming and the other version was made by Tokei.

Melchior M. Philips' version


This version of Hamtaro has quite a few missing hitboxes and infinite priority on every attack in its arsenal, though said arsenal consists of a mere eight attacks, one of which doesn't actually activate due to an incorrect anim value and a priority issue. 'Spamtaro' is quite a suitable nickname for this sunflower seed spamming character.


MisdreavusLord159's Hamtaro Edit


MisdreavusLord159 edited Melchior M. Phillips's Hamtaro. The edit makes it so the Sunflower Seed Throw and Handy helper attacks use up power when activated (albeit too much), the PROTONCANNONhyper links to the correct state, but is difficult to activate, and the cheapness the original used to have has been removed. It also has victory quotes, two new palettes, new clsns and sounds, and a victory portrait.


Tokei's Hamutaro


This version of Hamtaro (unlike the other two) uses sprites from the game, Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!. Also unlike the other Hamtaro's, Tokei's has Hamtaro's owner in the background, who's expression changes depending on whether Hamtaro has hit the opponent, been hit by the opponent, or when his health reaches a certain point. Much like Melchior M. Philips' Hamtaro, it mainly uses Ham-Chats as attacks. On a side note, this Hamtaro cannot guard.



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