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Cartoon Guy is a random cartoony character made for MUGEN a couple years ago back in 2009. He had wacky sounds, but although despite the name, it doesn't have any connections to a cartoon. It was first an edit of heartlessmushroom's Bob by Timote95 with different sprites while claiming it was not a spriteswap. Then, Daniel9999999 made some updates and added a new hyper called Cartoon Nutter. It was also edited by Yagoshi around some other time and made some cheap edits such as being invincible. Arcadboy also claims to have updated him, although it's unknown what he actually contributed to the character.

Later, Spat856 finally updated Cartoon Guy after almost 2 years of never being updated again, which made this character into a 6-button character, instead of a 4-button one.


Cartoon Guy relies mostly on his projectiles, and sometimes spams EX specials as to also for being overpowered (Besides Spat856's Version), to win easily.


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