Adam Amundson (renamed James) is an original character made by Spat856. On his website, it states he is still a W.I.P., though he is still playable. His original outlook clearly tells that he is a sprite edit of the oldDaniel, but the actual character has a completely different playstyle and has more original moves.

In M.U.G.E.N, he is created by Spat856 with DarkDonald1.

Spat856's Updated version (James)


Spat later updated his character alone with original sprites, but barely anything was changed gameplay wise. A noticeable feature is that the Bash0r hyper only does 9 hits (compared to the previous version dealing 10 hits) as well being weaker. Some collision boxes are also a bit bigger than the old version since the character's sprites are smaller in the previous version. He also gained a Pac-Man styled chomp attack. Spat856 changed Adam's name to James, because he finds it strange talking about himself in the third person. The FagBat has been removed in the updated version of James and has been replaced with a crowbar.


Spat856's Old version (Adam)


Adam is a 6 button character, mainly due to the fact that Daniel was also a 6 button character. His combos can be done in the same way. Such as: punch, kick, medium punch, medium kick, etc. Although his comboing isn't that original compared to the average M.U.G.E.N character, his super motions and specials are completely original. His specials are using different projectiles (one needing 500 power), a melee cutting-like move, and using a weapon named the "FagBat". The FagBat is a move that mocks numerous Mugenites. His supers can be used for more powerful comboings. Adam's first style was aMarvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes character, but was later converted to being a Melty Blood: Actress Again styled character.


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